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Hiss Sherman Wealth Management Group

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At Hiss ♦ Sherman Wealth Management Group, Bob Hiss, Matt Hiss, and Kyle Mauck believe their clients can rely on them for progressive knowledge, strategic innovation, and most importantly integrity while helping to preserve your wealth, which is why the following are corner stones to our business.

We believe:

  • In monitoring and evaluating your investments closely to make sure they are aligned with your goals.
  • It is important to be an independent financial adviser so we can search for the most appropriate investments for each client’s personal needs. Nearly the entire investment universe at our disposal.
  • In complete transparency in the broker and client partnership which is why we choose between a fee-based or commission-based structure for your investment portfolio depending on what best fits your individual situation.
  • The markets are unpredictable, so we are ready with an innovative systematic investment strategy to help target your goals.
  • Our client’s needs come first and understand we are employees to serve you with compassionate, honesty, flexibility, and reliability.